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“Come To The Dark Side; We Have Cookies(Among Other Things)”

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“Come To The Dark Side; We Have Cookies(Among Other Things)”

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Blaffer proves to be one of the best community of Gourmands and Hodophiles. Experience a place by tasting culinary delicacies that make it special.

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Ever had the hunger to go around places savouring the delicacies of the place? Here you are, at the right place! We, at Blaffer, believe in tasting travel to its fullest!

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Blaffer provides 24X7 Customer Support for your travel related queries. For any other assistance, please contact our 24X7 Customer Support service.

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"Our Philosophy"

Our visions is to bring you the world on a platter. We seek to condense a city's worth of culinary forays into bite-sized experiences.

"Our Mission"

Blaffer's mission is to introduce food travel as an integral part of exploring a city.

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What customers say

Pranali Yawalkar

I love the idea of food tourism. Planning, management and execution was superb from their end. The registration, places chosen, commute, time management, involvement among diverse groups of people were all impeccably taken care of. A few glitches are a part of learning and I'm sure they're going to outperform themselves in every next event. A lot of us have places on our list which we would like to hit, but due to improper planning, a lot of these remain only on the list forever. I'm glad Blaffer happened. Looking forward to more events from Blaffer.

Payal Mohapatra

When Blaffer happened it was not just food but a complete FUN filled package, Friends,Food,Travel,Selfies and lots more.
Somehow the group we went as, was by itself very like minded and we ended up having a lot of fun as every one clicked so well, although I am a little skeptical about the luck favoring this well every time. But however there is no compromise on the FOOD so yea for a FOODIE Blaffer can hardly ever be disappointing.
So go ahead and indulge Foodies smile emoticon

Fabian Hollander

Definitely a 5-star rating for this event.
The organizers were very knowledgeable about the area and showed great effort to accommodate to the needs of the participants.
The varieties of food were excellent, from sweet to spicy including digestives.
Definitely worth the trip.
Thanks again to Yash and Ruturaj for a fun day out!

Rohan Chavan

Blaffer is a novel concept. Though India has a atleast one amazing food outlet per corner of every city, most remain unknown to the public. Blaffer is trying to solve just that. The tours are planned to let you indulge in the most impeccable delicacies a city has to offer. They do this in the most awesome way possible. You are put up with a group of people that share your love of food and a guide who helps you understand the interesting history behind a delicacy. The logistics ...

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