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  • Eat & Drink
  • 3 Hours
  • Walking Tour
  • Networking
  • Tour guide


Date With Desserts Walk


Not sure about what to do on a nice, cool Saturday evening? Been Hankering for desserts? Allow us to take you people on one of the finest dessert tour available in Chennai!

Apart from the dessert tour, Chill out on the coast of Bay of Bengal! Enjoy the cool breeze which the sea has to offer! Walk and discover the lanes of one the premium locations in the city which was once exclusive to the expatriates in the colonial era!

We will be taking you to 5 places in total. You’ll also have an exclusive buddy for the entire group to guide you through the entire tour and also enlighten you on the history of the delicacies which will be offered. And not to forget, there will also be the sweet memories which you’ll be making during the evening. You also get to take that home!

So what are you guys waiting for?! Book your tickets! Get set for a gastronomic experience!


The registration fee is Rs. 100, the cost of the food will be divided among the walkers. Please carry around Rs. 500-700 to enjoy the dishes suggested by our Blaffer Buddy.



Day & Date
20-8-2016 99 Open